Thursday, June 23, 2016

Case of appeal

Presenting printed documents has become a true artform in this digital age we live in. Not just presenting but, "presenting it right" is the main goal for the businesses trying to gain and maintain new clients everywhere.

Paolo Cardelli's designers now have taken the next step in CUSTOM DOCUMENT PRESENTATION and present you with "The ultimate Binder Accessory: THE FROST CASE". 

Now you can achieve a "compact" look with the one-of-a-kind PAOLO CARDELLI FROST CASE, specifically crafted to carry the Paolo Cardelli Binder. Customizable with a scratch-proof premium screen print, the effect you're seeking to leave on your audience to see the most impact, is now within reach! (...and available in all sizes!) 

Call our designers at 1.866.99PAOLO to request your logo print emulation!

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